Anne-Arundel Final Bill No. 50-18 in PDF format.

Bill 50-18
AN ORDINANCE concerning: Animal Control - Dogs Outdoors - Shelters - Tethering
Legislative Day No. 31
Introduced by Mr. Grasso

FOR the purpose of adding a definition of "reasonable period"; prohibiting the tethering of dogs outdoors: amending the shelter requirements for dogs kept outdoors; adding enclosed area and shade requirements for kept dogs outdoors; limiting the scope and applicability of the standards for animals outdoors; and generally relating to animal control.

Introduced: 5/7/2018
Amended: 6/4/2018

Effective August 4, 2018

New Anne Arundel County Dog Laws May Affect You

The county's laws about how dogs must be treated and sheltered while outdoors will change August 4, 2018. Here is a summary of the new requirements:

  1. Unsupervised dogs cannot be tethered (tethering means fastening a dog by a chain, rope, pulley or other means to a stationary object): (a) Dogs cannot be tethered to anything UNLESS they are SUPERVISED. Supervised means "in direct observation of an owner" (so you can't run to the store or take a shower while your dog is tethered, but if you can see your pet, that is okay). (b) Even if supervised, a dog cannot be tethered outside if the temperature is below 33 degrees or above 89 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. A shelter (dog house) is required for a dog left unattended outdoors, and must: (a) Have a waterproof roof, four solid walls (one of which has an entry large enough for the dog) and a solid and level floor. No other cracks or openings are allowed. (b) Be built of weather resistant material, with no metal interior surfaces. (c) Be raised at least two inches off the ground. (d) From December 1 - March 15 have an accessible covered entry or an entry that is offset to act as a windbreak. (e) Continue to comply with previous requirements for non-absorbent bedding, sufficient shelter size, clean drinking water available at all time in a non-tip bowl, overall cleanliness and other requirements.
  3. Dogs must have shade - a dog must have access at all times to man-made or natural shade that is separate from its shelter and large enough to cover the entire dog. (In warmer month, a dog house can become extremely hot inside.)
  4. Minimum enclosure size requirements have been added for dogs confined outdoors: (a) An outdoor enclosure/pen/closed run for a dog that weight less than 80 pounds must contain a minimum of 100 square feet (example: a 10' by 10' enclosure). (b) A dog 80 pounds or heavier must have access to a minimum of 150 square feet (example: a 10" by 15" enclosure). (c) For each additional dog under 80 pounds in the SAME enclosure, a minimum of an additional 50 square feet must be added. (d) For each additional dog 80 pounds or heavier in the SAME enclosure, an additional 75 square feet of space is required. (Dogs with potentially dangerous or dangerous orders that had required enclosures before August 4, 2018 are not affected.)

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HB 2318 - Baltimore County in PDF format.