Section 1 - Eligibility

There shall be three types of memberships open to all organizations and individuals who subscribe to the purposes of the RDO-MD. The RDO-MD’s primary objective is to be representative of the dog owning public in the State of Maryland.

  1. Member Club: Open to all AKC member and licensed clubs and independent dog associations with a membership of ten (10) or more that is preferably domiciled in the State of Maryland and that supports the objects of the RDO-MD. Member Clubs will have two (2) delegate votes.
  2. Associate Member: Open to all persons eighteen (18) years of age or older who support the objects of the Organization. Each Associate Member will have one (1) vote
  3. Sponsor: Open to all professional, commercial, educational, and non-profit organizations and/or individuals who support the objects of the Organization. Sponsors do not have voting privileges.

Section 2 - Dues

Membership dues shall be:

  • Member Clubs: $50 per year and shall not exceed $100.00.
  • Associate Member: $15 per year and shall not to exceed $100.00.
  • Sponsor: Any amount, suggested donation $100 minimum.

Dues are payable on the first day of July of each year and shall not be prorated. No member whose dues are not paid for the current year may vote on RDO-MD matters.

Section 3 - Election to Membership

Each applicant for membership shall apply on a form as approved by the Board of Directors and which shall require that the applicant attest to abide by the RDO-MD constitution and bylaws. In the case of Member Clubs, the application shall state the name of the organization, the number of members, and the name, address, and telephone number of its two delegates to the RDO-MD. The delegates will remain the Member Club’s recognized representatives of the RDO-MD until the Corresponding Secretary has been notified in writing of any change. In the case of Associate Members or Sponsors, the application shall state the name, address, telephone number, and email address of the applicant.

Accompanying the application, the prospective member shall submit dues payment for the current year. All applications are to be filed with the Corresponding Secretary and each application is to be read at the first scheduled meeting of the RDO-MD Board of Directors in person or teleconference following its receipt. Affirmative votes of the majority of the Board of Directors present and voting at that meeting shall be required to elect the applicant. The Corresponding Secretary shall provide a written or emailed notice of acceptance or rejection of the membership application.