TETHERING is a HOT TOPIC in the State of Maryland

The  Responsible Dog Owners of Maryland, Inc. recognize that tethering is a practical and humane method for training and restraining dogs in a variety of circumstances. Dogs should never be tethered in a manner that could cause harm to them. Tethering is a common and responsible way to restrain dogs that do not respond well to other restraints (such as escape artists) or participate in activities that require acclimatization such as hunting, sledding and/or other obedience and performance events. Tethering may also be a responsible and appropriate option for handling dogs that are service dogs such as seeing eye dogs, dogs in training, and dogs that are being groomed or examined on a table. The American Kennel Club and The Responsible Dog Owners of Maryland oppose arbitrary restrictions on tethering, which can undermine the well being of dogs, responsible dog ownership, and safe training and recreational activities.

No Animal Was Harmed: New “Animal Cruelty” Definitions Turn Good Dog Owners into Criminals
2019-03-27 | AKC Government Relations Department


Just Imagine a world where legislators control everything that is associated with breeding, owning and even having fun with your dog?   It is happening NOW! with each unconscionable law passed.

Just imagine when every dog or cat is spayed/neutered, there will be no more puppies or kittens.  When Shelters import animals your pets are at risk for dreaded diseases.  When people who dedicate their lives to the health and welfare of animals are vilified, animals suffer.  Species disappear.

Responsible Breeders fight for YOUR right to own domestic pets!  Responsible Breeders are NOT the enemy.

They are the guardians of species.

It is time to understand and reject the Animal Rights agenda.  If not, your next pet may not exist.