Heavy panting is the first sign of heatstroke in dogs followed by huffing and puffing, a staring expression, warm dry skin, failure to respond to his/her name, rapid heartbeat, profuse salivation, vomiting, or collapse.

If left untreated your dog will become unconscious and die. If you dog should become overheated, you must take measures to cool him or her and lower his or her body temperature immediately. Here are some things you should do!

  • Move your dog to a cool place
  • Move your dog out of the sun
  • Give your dog water
  • Immerse your overheated dog in cool, not cold water
  • Gently pour water on your dog
  • Place ice packs on your dog’s head and neck
  • Place a fan in front of your dog to aid evaporation
  • See a veterinarian, but only after you cool your dog

Important! During a heat wave never walk a dog mid-day. Also skip long walks altogether or limit walks and outdoor exercise to late evening for any dog, young or old.