Heatstroke in Dogs

2020-09-09T14:47:54-04:00Categories: Health, Warnings|

Heavy panting is the first sign of heatstroke in dogs followed by huffing and puffing, a staring expression, warm dry skin, failure to respond to his/her name, [...]

Dogs in Hot Cars!

2022-12-28T13:07:54-05:00Categories: Health, Warnings|

We have all heard the warning, “NEVER leave a dog alone in a parked car in warm weather,” but every Spring and Summer dogs suffer and die [...]

Hot Asphalt!

2020-09-09T14:48:11-04:00Categories: Health, Warnings|

Responsible Dog Owners do not walk their dogs on hot asphalt! Air Temperature Asphalt Temperature 77 degrees 125 degrees 86 degrees 135 degrees 87 degrees 143 [...]


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