Responsible Dog Owners of Maryland, Inc.

Just Imagine a world where legislators control everything that is associated with breeding, owning and even having fun with your dog? It is happening everywhere, even in our great State of Maryland.

The Responsible Dog Owners of Maryland, Inc. (RDO-MD) was the result of Government Relations at the American Kennel Club (AKC)  urging member clubs  in the State of  Maryland to build a “federation” in an effort to be involved in county and state-wide canine legislation.   This is all about Marylanders working together to protect our rights as dog owners!

RDO-MD was officially incorporated in April 2018. We are now fully functioning and operational.  It is important for everyone who supports humane treatment of dogs  join us in working with Maryland legislators to shape legislation that is practical and can be effectively enforced.  We need an "army" of members to support our collective efforts and get involved.  So please join today!

Working together works,  so please encourage your dog clubs, friends and family to join us too!

Let us hear from you!

Mary Lou Olszewski, President