It is time for Marylanders to work together to protect & defend
responsible dog ownership!!!

When someone tells us that new laws, bills and codes have a "reasonable" clause in them we get nervous. We are here to promote, protect, assist and participate in the interests of responsible dog owners.

Together we stand to:

  • Promote and protect the interests of responsible dog owners

  • Actively assist and participate in local, state & national legislation concerning dogs & dog owners

  • Bring such legislation to the attention of the membership and the public

  • Promote responsible dog ownership

  • Use all legal means to promote the general welfare of dogs and dog owners

  • Disseminate information and knowledge regarding dogs

  • Promote and protect responsible dog breeding

Responsible Dog Owners of Maryland is affiliated with the American Kennel Club, but we welcome all members who are looking for ways to better educate the public and lawmakers in regards to protecting our rights to own and enjoy animals.

  • Get involved!

  • Participate in all mailings request. Your County might be next!!

  • Understand “who’s who” in your County – Document and share contacts.

  • Spread the word

  • Every voice counts

Join Us!